Monday, July 5, 2010

An interview with a CCP Graduate

"An interview with a CCP Graduate" by Susan Beram
Susan Beram is a current CCP student, and recently interviewed a fellow classmate on how he got started in Macrobiotics

There are many fascinating people who are currently enrolled in the 2010 Comprehensive Certificate Program class. Each participant has a unique story about how his, or her, macrobiotic journey began. This column will help our readers to become acquainted with some of these interesting classmates.

Grant Goodwin's macrobiotic journey began in 1982 when his father was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer. He had read the Anthony Sattilaro book, Recalled by Life, and was impressed by the doctor's amazing recovery from the same cancer. Grant traveled with his dad to the Kushi Institute where he learned the basics of a macrobiotic practice. Fast forward to November of 2006, and Grant, himself, received the diagnosis of early stage prostate cancer. He remembered his experience with his dad and decided to follow a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to deal with his cancer. After consulting with a few different counselors, he met Warren Kramer in Austin, Texas, and, after a time, Warren suggested that Grant enroll in the 2008 SHI Cooking Intensive. He consulted with Denny and felt at ease as it reminded him of his dad's consults with Michio Kushi so many years ago. Grant continues to study and cook macrobiotically and his cancer is currently under control.

Susan: Grant, how has macrobiotics impacted your life?

Grant: I had a tendency to ignore my diet. I had not realized how stressed out I had gotten working long hours in a Management position. Now I have minimized my stress by working from home as an independent sales representative. I do all my own cooking and keep to the macrobiotic diet. I seldom eat out of the house. I am glad I was forced to cook for myself because now I am not dependent on anyone else. To do something this drastic, you have to change your whole life.

Susan: Was it hard to adjust to this new lifestyle?

Grant: It took me two and one half years to get comfortable with the cooking and preparation. At first, I thought I could not use any leftovers. Once I realized I could, things got a lot easier. That made a big difference.

Susan: What are you enjoying about the CCH?

Grant: It is great to come and connect with the other class members. Since there are no other macrobiotic people in Dallas, each month I look forward to talking with the other people in class and to having a support group. It is also a relief to not have to cook for a few days. I am learning from the lectures and cooking classes and I enjoy being around Denny.

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