Monday, November 4, 2013

About Master Your Health 2014 (Comprehensive Certficate Program): Faculty & Curriculum

Each session of the Master Your Health 2014 is a balance of the Five Fundamental Areas of Study: Macrobiotic Philosophy & Theory, Healthy & Delicious Cooking, Oriental Diagnosis, Health Care, and Shiatsu Massage.

Every Session includes Hands-On Cooking Classes, Energy Awakening exercises and stretching, homework review, class discussions and group practice of self-diagnosis and group counseling. Delicious, organic,  freshly cooked food is included - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

Founder and Director Denny Waxman is a world-renowned author, health counselor, and long standing figure in macrobiotics. For over forty years Denny has guided people to health with his unique, effective and practical approach to creating health.

Susan Waxman’s personal passion is the art of cooking. As SHI’s co-director and executive chef, Susan brings the kitchen to life with cooking techniques that maximize nature’s best flavors and nutritional values.

Teaching Staff Warren Kramer, Patrick Riley, and Michelle Nemer come to SHI with esteemed careers as counselors, educators, and healers. Having traveled and taught throughout the country, these practitioners bring invaluable experience to SHI and its vision of holistic health education.
2014 Curriculum: 
  • "Towards a New View of Health" (January 29 - February 2):
    • Macrobiotic Philosophy: Order of the Universe & Yin Yang Theory
    • Hypoglycemia, Stress & Health Care
    • Energetic Power of Foods (Introduction)
    • Self-Diagnosis Practice
    • Understanding Cravings and Discharge of Toxins
  • "Health & Illness, Body Map & The Five Transformations" (February 21-23)
    • The Role of Activity in Health
    • Food as our Connection to Life
    • The Five Transformations Energy (Oriental Medicine &Macrobiotic's powerful tool for classifying foods, elements, and cooking styles with Health Application)
    • The Progressive Development of Illness
    • Anatomy (Physical Body and Energetic: Chakras & Meridians)
  • "Digestion: The Foundation of Health & Making Balance" (March 28-30):
    • Making Balance with Environmental and Seasonal Change
    • Creating Digestive Health
    • Understanding Gender Differences
    • Biological Evolution (Food & Health Applications)
    • Balancing Past Conditions
    • Internal Home Remedies
  • "Blood & Vitality" (April 25-27):
    • Blood Qualities and Relationship to Health
    • Understanding Acid and Alkaline Blood Quality
    • Health Care of Bones, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Teeth
    • Health Care of Anemia
    • Creating Healthy Sleep
  • "Blood & Immunity, Part 2" (May 30 - June 1):
    • Using Intuition in Healing
    • Overcoming Allergies, Asthma & Skin Troubles
    • Balancing Overweight & Underweight Conditions
    • Health Care for Colds, Flu, Fevers and Infections
  • "Diagnosis In Depth" (June 26-29):
    • Principles of Diagnosis: 
      • Environmental Diagnosis
      • Constitutional Diagnosis
      • Symptom Diagnosis
      • Facial Diagnosis
    • Self-Assessment & Group-Counseling
  • "The Power of Foods, First Aid & Healing Injuries" (July 25-27):
    • The Energetics of Foods: Cooking Styles, Remedies & Creating Balance
    • Health Care: First Aid 
    • Understanding Injuries & Alleviating Pain
  • "Heart, Circulatory System & Emotional Health" (August 22-24):
    • Natural View of Emotions
    • Creating Circulatory Health
    • Creative Expression (Understanding Emotional Health)
    • Understanding and Overcoming Depression & Anxiety
  • "Family & Reproductive Health" (September 18-21):
    • Understanding Sexuality, Fertility & Conception
      • Women's Health 
      • Overcoming Men's Reproductive Ailments
    • Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Care
    • Healthy Babies & Healthy Children (Diet & Overcoming Common Problems)
    • Responding to Imminent Environmental & Social Challenges
  • "The Mind" (October 24-26):
    • Understanding the Nervous System, Judgement & Consciousness
    • Health Care of Common Nervous System Problems
    • Self-Diagnosis & Group Counseling
  • "Final Weekend" (November 20-23):
    • Review
    • Final Exam
    • Self-Diagnosis & Group Counseling
    • Celebration & Group Festivities

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